Home of Robert William Holt in Makaha Valley.

Makaha Valley Homestead

Owen Jones Holt, his son, decided to transform his remote land holdings into a splendid 'country seat' where his mother might relax Hawaiian style and his wife Hanakaulani (Hah-nah-kow-lah-nee), who was also ali'i, might entertain in a fashion befitting her social station. He built a large, two-story house on a knoll by the stream. Flanking the house were guest and servant cottages designed to accommodate 100 weekend guests. They ate dinner in a dining room forty by sixty feet and lavishly furnished. There were bathing houses on the beach. He built a pier so that his guests could visit without getting their feet wet. He imported a huge English coach that could carry a total of 19 people, including the driver, from the town of Ewa (Eh-vah). Because he loved horse racing, he built a race track. Of course, he had stables.

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feature 1 Robert William Holt Born in 1800 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Immigrated to Boston before 1819. Married Anne Marie Jones, daughter of Owen Jones and Elizabeth Lambert. Anne Marie died 15 August 1832. Migrated to Hawaii in 1933.

feature 2 Alexander Murray Hewett Born in 1847 in Chapra, Bengal, India. Naturalized citizen (Kingdom of Hawaii) 25 Mar 1891. Married Pauline Aeschlimann, daughter of Christian Aeschlimann and Keli'i Kekoaloa Makauhaole in 1888. Died about 1908.

feature 3 Mary Ann Reilly Born 23 March 1883 in Ireland. Immigrated to the U.S. in 1900. Married Dennis J. Monahan, son of James Monahan and Margaret Donovan, 17 November 1903. Any info about her parents and/or her immigration.

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